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HP Proliant DL380 G7 Installation questions.

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HP Proliant DL380 G7 Installation questions.

Hi guys.


The disks of HP NT server in my office has been physically damaged.

So I need to re - install a ms windows 2008 r2.


And I am going to take this opportunity to update everthing.

But unfortunately, This is my first time to install the ms nt o/s.


So please advice.


1. I would like to update the firmware.

     I have already downloaded it from HP.

     But I don't know when should I update it (before I installed the O/S? or after the O/S installation?)


2. I would like to configure RAID 5.

     Should I configure it in CMOS or using smart start?


3. I would like to know what exactly purpose of Smart start and I should know.



Thank you in advance.


Re: HP Proliant DL380 G7 Installation questions.

Hi Alex,


You can update all the Firmware by HP SPP (HP Service Pack for ProLiants)
Can download there
It is a 2.xGB ISO, you can using HP Tools to make it to a USB then plug to your server then boot it, all automatic ...

HP USB Tool for Windows There
You can using this tool by your workstation to make it ...

Or by the old days way, upgrade after install Windows OS also work.

By the Smart Start CD is the easier way, and your OS also need using it to install too (Win2K8 R2 ISO save on the Smart Start CD USB (How to make this USB boot like above using the HP USB tool, then copy the Win2K8 R2 ISO in it folder any name you like, when installing the OS in Smart Smart CD choose Souce by ISO)



Best Regards
Jimmy Chan