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HP Proliant DL380 G7 Xeon ES649

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HP Proliant DL380 G7 Xeon ES649


I booted the Dl380 to see what was there. The DL380 was in storage for several years. The company needs to sell it but needs to remove company data. I am unable to vSphere client. Without altering the boot, iLo3, smartarraw, and VMware esxi what can I do to remove, delete company data? 

At boot I see the HP screen with F11 and F9 available, then iLO3 loads (I do not know the username/password) then following with a screen smartarray p140i; the next screen is VMware esxi 5.1 loads successfully. Successful boot. I can use F2 to view or f12 to shutdown/reboot.

I would want to sell the Dl380 in a prestine working state. That is the objective however the data and the OS are of concern. 

Let me know if you can help. Thanks for any advise!




Re: HP Proliant DL380 G7 Xeon ES649



Please download SPP (G7.1(21 Dec 2017)) from below link and boot server with SPP.

Once server booted with SPP ISO, select interactive method and from main screen select HPE Smart Storage Administrator option.


From HPE Smart Storage Administrator select Smart Array control and then Clear Configuration.

SPP 2.jpg

Clear Configuration option will resets the controller configuration to its default state. Any existing arrays or logical drives will be deleted and any data on the logical drive will be lost.

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