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HP Proliant DL380 Gen7 not powering on.

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HP Proliant DL380 Gen7 not powering on.


i left my server off for some days. When i needed to turn it on i found that the power led was solid amber and pressing the power button did nothing. I tried removing both power supplies and reconnecting them, and now the power led does not even turn on, i can hear a sort of 'tickling' from the inside of the server and the UID led flashes blue once just when i connect the psus. 

By removing both power supplies and connecting only one i realized that one psu turns on the leds on the motherboard while the other one does nothing.

Could it be related to a psu failure? Shouldn't it start with just one working psu?


Re: HP Proliant DL380 Gen7 not powering on.

The symptoms looks like power supply issue, however to identify power supply or Power supply backplane issue, have you tested both power supplies in same power supply slot or different slots.

The server should start with one working power supply. If still you are unable to power on the server. Then try below action.

1. Check by drain the server power by disconnecting all Power cables and hold the power button for 30 second.
2. Bring the server to bare minimum configuration.
3. Disconnect all extra cable connected to system board, except power cable and check the status.
4. Verify all parts one by one and if faulty part isolated then replace part accordingly.

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