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HP Proliant DL380 Hard Drive lights

Phillip Pahl
Occasional Visitor

HP Proliant DL380 Hard Drive lights


Want to know if any one that has this server has ran into this problem.

We shipped this server to be programed for are new pos system for a back up on double take, when we got it back the server would start but no Bios screen or any thing after being on tech support for an hour and swapped the two cpus around it booted up normal. But here is the thing there is three hard drives in there, one shows the lights that it is running ok and the other two show nothing, no lights at all. I ran smart start it shows that all three hard drives are fine, every thing is normal. I have looked it over to see if any wires where lose nothing, and reseated them. Any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!

Re: HP Proliant DL380 Hard Drive lights

The HDD do not have any LED the light came from the Back plane so try reset the back plane and swap one of the HDD with the one that is able to emit the Light, if the problem follows the HDD try to make a firmware upgrade and if the problem stay in the bay you will need to replace the backplane...