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HP Proliant DL380

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HP Proliant DL380

We have a proliant DL380 and it seems that once or twice a week it "just freezes". We have to physically shut this down ourselves. There is nothing in the event viewer to explain this, and we are not sure what we can do? Any help would be great!
Terri Harris
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Re: HP Proliant DL380

Is this a DL380 g1, g2, g3 or g4? If you are not sure give us the model number and/or CPU speed.
When did the problem start? How long has server been up & running ok? What OS is running?
Assuming event viewer means the Windows event viewer, does it report event id #6008 for unexpected shutdown?
I would disable ASR (Automatic Server Restart) in Windows to hopefully capture more info the next time it happens.
Does it occur at any particular time (like at night when a backup is being done)?
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Re: HP Proliant DL380


Looks like there might be some corruption from the OS side. You could try

1.Shutdown the server and run diagnostics to make sure everythign from the hardware side is good
2.If that comes clean then boot the server and see if there are any latest fixes or service packs need to be applied.
3.If this also does not work then it is good to involve microsft if it is windows and hp from the hardware side.

Please do all these after having a full good backup