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HP Proliant DL580 Gen8 and GPU's

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HP Proliant DL580 Gen8 and GPU's

Dear all,

I'm a PhD student at KU Leuven university.  I have a HP Proliant DL 580 Gen8 server with 3 GPU's at my disposal. Lately we've been experiencing full system shutdowns. The main thing that has changed is that I added an additional GPU. I'm certain that is is related but I don't know the exact cause. 
In the iLO we get the following message at 'Integrated Management Log':
System Power Fault Detected (XR: 10 A2 MID: BF 0F F0 00 00 FF 3F 0B 0B 04 04 0B 0B 0B 0B 04 04 ....)

The server setup:
HP PROLIANT DL580 Gen8 4X I-XEON E7-4850v2 12-CORE 2.30GHZ 512GB DDR3 RAM P830i 2GB RACK RAILS
4x 1500W Power
2x Geforce RTX2080Ti, 1x Geforce GTX1080Ti

We think it's related to the GPU causing power issues/heat issues (although measured values are within accepted values).
By removing one GPU and limiting the average power to 220W for each CPU we haven't experienced any outages so far. 
Does someone have any experience with this server along with GPU's? I was also wondering what the 10-pin MOLEX auxiliary power connectors can provide? Now a single MOLEX is used to power one GPU. Also, does it matter which connector I use?

All information is welcome.



Re: HP Proliant DL580 Gen8 and GPU's

Geforce RTX2080Ti & Geforce GTX1080Ti  are not listed under the compatible list of GPUs for DL580 Gen8 as per the server quickspecs.

Kindly coordinate with NVIDIA and check the Hardware Compatibility List of the Vendor to confir if the GPU is supported by DL580 Gen8 Server or not.

If it is identified as supported by as per Vendor Hardware Compatibility List then please log a case from HPE Support Case Manager or call us to log a ticket for the same. For any service the server must be under Valid Active Contract/Warranty/Carepack and we'll require AHS Log for analysis as well

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Re: HP Proliant DL580 Gen8 and GPU's

Hi, I am also wondering the same thing. Did you make it work? It should as the DL580 Gen9 at least supports 5 full size, full hight GPU's.