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HP Proliant G5 380 Will not boot

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HP Proliant G5 380 Will not boot

Hi !! 


Hello !!

I'm new in this forum,

I have an HP Proliant 380 G5 server, when I press the power button I get this in the LEDs:


After 30 seconds the server automatically shuts off and the LEDs:


After 5 seconds it automatically turns on and continues without end

I did a complete maintenance, clean RAM, apply thermal paste to the 2 processors, clean everything! But the OverTemp led remains red. I can not get a message on the screen.

I leave attached the images

Help me please !!! I need the server

Fritsch James
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Re: HP Proliant G5 380 Will not boot

Are all your fan sockets populated? Are you sure that all fans are working correctly?

Image 2 also shows an error with the power supply - do you have redundant power installed? If so you may want to try with only one psu installed in one or the other slot.

Worst case might be a defective temp sensor or Management Controller Device onboard - this would require replacing the mainboard.

What I have seen in some rare cases with older server models: Heat sinks for one or the other chipset onboard can get loose because of broken brackets. Posting an image of the server interiour could be helpful for diagnostics.