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HP Proliant ML 110 G6 and nc382t

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HP Proliant ML 110 G6 and nc382t

Hello all!


I've go t a trouble with subj: some years ago one of organizations under my patronage bought from a dealer a server for router goals with 2 NC382t adapters. FreeBSD 8 was preferred and installed. It worked fine while network traffic was small (about 10Mb/s per channel). But as time goes on, network load is grown up, so has been bought 100 Mb/s channel. And we got a trouble: if I route all traffic through any port of any of these cards - server crashes within 20 seconds. The crash may look as sudden reboot or hunging. Sometimes tcpdump managed to show me 2-3 unrecognized/damaged packets before server hangs. I can't shut off the server more than 20 minutes because of users, so I tried to setup new similar configuration nearby. Unfortunately, I haven't another similar free hardware server, so I used just a powerful workstation and one of unused NC for my experiments. But I was unable to repeat the error - all works fine on another motherboard. So I decided that error was in tandem server motherboard-network card. I cleaned electrical contacts of PCI-X connector with a rubber but without positive results.


May anybody suggest a solution for my trouble? Thank you beforhand!