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HP Proliant ML 150 G5 - "Boot Fail!" only after Power Outage.

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HP Proliant ML 150 G5 - "Boot Fail!" only after Power Outage.

I am trying to help with a HP Proliant ML 150 G5, that occasionally shows "Boot Fail! Please Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device".  It only does this after a Power Outage.  Otherwise you can shut it down or re-boot as often as you like.  When you get the error you have to hit F6 (or whatever Function Key brings up the Boot Device screen) choose the Local Disk, and you are good from there.


We origionally ruled out the CMOS battery as it appears to retain it's other settings & Date/Time.


Any suggestions or similar experiences would be apprecitated.





Re: HP Proliant ML 150 G5 - "Boot Fail!" only after Power Outage.


Hi Pat,


To me it appears that the System battery on the system board may require replacement as the boot settings are dropped when there is no longer power to the server.


Replace the system battery and check if the issue is resolved. You may refer  to section "3 Removal and replacement procedures > System board components (replaceable) > System battery" in the server's Maintenace and Service guide locatable at the following URL for assistance in locating the system battery on the system.


If the issue persists, then clear the server's CMOS settings using the CMOS clear button. You may refer to section "4 Diagnostic Tools and Setup Utilities > Clearing CMOS" in the above mentioned guide.



Also, try updating the server's BIOS. You may browse to the this URL for downloading the package.


Hope this helps!!





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