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HP Proliant ML 150 Installing Linux

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HP Proliant ML 150 Installing Linux

We cannot install Red Hat Linux 7.2 on a Proliant ML 150 Gen 9 server.   The controller B140 does not have the appropriate drivers and all attempts at installing drivers during the Linux install have failed.   This is after days of working with HP support in India.  They try to be helpful but we encountered folks of various skill levels who really are not trained in this area and can only follow the guides they are given. Even when drivers were successfully installed and the RAID 5 virtual drive was recognized by Red Hat, the install failed as soon as the Red hat installer tried writing to the drive.  

I'd like to stick with HP Proliant.  I have used them for years with great results.   However, if I can't install Red Hat Linux easily and be sure it's reliable, the boxes are not worth anything.

Does anyone know if I can upgrade the disk controller to a model that works with Red Hat Linux 7.2.  I was told by HP support that a P440 controller would work without drivers but then noticed on HP's site that it does in fact require drivers when installing Red Hat Linux 7.2    

Any comments advice on installing Red Hat Linux 7.2 on an HP Proliant ML 150 Gen 9 would be appreciated.