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HP Proliant ML 350

I have an HP Proliant ML 350 Server which is very unstable. and turns itself off many times a day. Yesterday it was completely impossible to start the server. I tried many times but every time there were two red lights that flashed at me. It was quite impossible to start the server. I am an acountants and I am helpless without the server. The serial number is CZJ74302AF and product number is 438730-421. The server has Raid 5 and 3disks pluss one spare. I use Windows 2000 which I intend to upgrade. What can the problem be and how can it be solved?



Paul Erik Strømnes



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Re: HP Proliant ML 350

Hi Paul,

In order to correctly diagnose this, you would need to be a little more specific on the location of the 'red lights'.

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Re: HP Proliant ML 350


Check the power supply if :

  • Improperly seated or faulty power supply.

  • Loose or faulty power cord.

  • Power source problem.

  • Improperly seated component or interlock problem.

  • Faulty internal component


Try with minimum configuration.


  • All additional DIMMs

    Leave only the minimum required to boot the server - either one DIMM or a pair of DIMMs.

  • All additional cooling fans, if applicable

  • All additional power supplies, if applicable (leave one installed)

  • All hard drives

  • All optical drives (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and so forth)

  • All optional mezzanine cards

  • All expansion boards

goto the following Guided troubleshooting link for more information

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Re: HP Proliant ML 350

How old is the server?


If it is old, you intend to upgrade the software, HP has some really good packages. 


I  had an Asus Server running SBS2003, it also would not start. Prior to giving up the ghost completely, it had a castrophic disk failure, with data loss (even though in Raid 1)


I replaced it with and ML350G6 with SBS2011 (12GB Ram),  1 CPU, 2x 300GB SAS drives for $3.5K AUD.   (Note that I am not sure that HP will support Server 2012 on G6 Machines - which pisses me off seeing that I only bought it in April)


I about a second ML110G7 with Server 2008 R2, 4GB ram, and 2 x 500GB Sata 3.5" drives for about $1.2K.


The ML110G7 has not have the same quality as the ML350. I needed the second server, to run a 32 Bit Windows 2003 as a virtual machine - to run a legacy application.