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HP Proliant ML 370 G3 not booting after crash

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HP Proliant ML 370 G3 not booting after crash

My Novell Netware server ML370 is not booting from hard disc (C:\) after a crash during rebuilding process.

Array A Contains 2 logical drives.
Logical drive 0 is on raid 0 and Logical Drive 1 is using 5.

Earlier i expanded logical drive 1 using ACU. Two/Three minutes after expansion hard disk on slot one showed failure signal and the server got hanged. I tried to restart it after 15 minutes, but server was not booting from hard disk. I checked the status of Array and logical drives using Smart CD, First time it showed rebuilding then, status changed to OK.

This was a file sharing Server.

Is there any way; at least to recover my data(files) on those hard drives?

Server HP Proliant ML 370 G3
Smart controller 531
Physical drives : 4 + 1 (including the one that added just before crash)
Arrays: Only One Array (A)
OS: Novell Netware 6