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HP Proliant ML110 g7

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HP Proliant ML110 g7

Hi there i have an HP server that was giving to me from a client which i was intending to use as a home server and also setting up cloud storage on it. When i received it there was alot of dust that had to be cleaned up so i had stripped everything out gave it a good clean and put all the componets back together making sure everything was connected. 

As soon as i pluged in the mains cable it powered up straight away, the fans spun for a couple of seconds, then it just cut out then repeats the hole process again constantly until i pull out the mains i have checked over all connections and everything is all in there correct place. On further inspection with the side panel off and putting the mains cable in the hole process repeats again powering on and off and i have also noticed that when it powers on the LED lights on the motherboard one off them flashes 6 times followed by an amber that flashes once.

The process happens so quick it dose not get a chance to boot up so i can access the BIOS so i am not sure if it is anything to do with the Power Supply being faulty or if it could be some other hardware issue. The only new thing that i have fitted is x2 4gb RAM which it is the correct RAM for this server so i know that cant be an issue and i have re applyed new thermal paste to the CPU fan.

I do hope someone hear has came across this issue this is my first time working with a server i am more use to building and configuring Gaming Rigs also if required i have recorded a video off the process i could send to help resolve the issue hope to hear back soon. 



Re: HP Proliant ML110 g7


You can try to power drain " remove the power cable from the server and hold on the power on switch for 30 sec."

Clear the NVRAM, if the issue still persists.

HP ProLiant ML110 G7 Server Maintenance and Service Guide ( Follow the page no 62)

System maintenance switch
Position Default Function
1 Off Off = iLO 3 security is enabled
On = iLO 3 security is disabled
2 Off Off = System configuration can be
On = System configuration is locked
3 — Reserved
4 — Reserved
5 Off Off = Power-on password is enabled
On = Power-on password is disabled
6 Off Off = No function
On = Clear NVRAM
7 — Reserved
8 — Reserved
9 — Reserved
10 — Reserved
When the system maintenance switch position 6 is set to the On position, the system is prepared to erase all
system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM

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I would suggest you contact to HPE technical support because they will do the complete health check of your server.

It will be good for the future.

I am a HPE Employee

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