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HP Proliant ML150 G2, Which Raid Card.

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HP Proliant ML150 G2, Which Raid Card.

Hi I have an -
Adaptec PWA-NH2010M SCSI Card installed.
I Understand this card is not raid compatible.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to which card I should buy to allow for raid operation on this.

HP Proliant ML150 G2 Server.

Best regards.

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Re: HP Proliant ML150 G2, Which Raid Card.

hi again

well not to much options left got SCSI HDDs and to get them to work with RAID support

only this controller:

HP PL100 SCSI RAID Controller

other options available are for SAS HDDs and SATA HDDs

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: HP Proliant ML150 G2, Which Raid Card.

I installed a hardware RAID Controller and added 2 extra SATA disks to create a RAID-1 store that is fail-safe. ( Today I would use the Promise TX2300 at about $70 ).

I only put the Operating System on to the original single disk.

I only put Data on to the RAID drive.

There are 4 advantages to this:

1. The hardware RAID drive starts the moment the power is on and is virtually independent of the rest of the computer. It has excellent RAID Array Manager software.

2. You could move the RAID disks and Controller card to another computer in minutes

3. The Windows Swap File and the Data are on 2 separate drives, so the overall system performance is improved.

4. You can rebuild and upgrade the Operating System or re-format the original single disk without disturbing your Data.

I keep working Data on my workstation and I have a backup utility to copy complete files and folders over to the RAID-1 drive on the server as they change.

- Belt & Braces
- LOCKS ( Lots of Copies Keep Safe )

This way I am storing personal Data and family photographs going back to 1984.

Not a very expensive solution and it is very very effective.

Hope that this helps you