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HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 V2. Early System Initialisation.

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HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 V2. Early System Initialisation.



First post here. My background was technical (once). but not for a umber of years. 

Have been given an old HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 V2 server. Upon startup it goes through the Early System Optimisation process. Manages to get to 100% then goes blank, before repeating the process again.

So far i';ve tried and failed in the following actions to try and some kind of progress;

1. Set SW6 to "On" and boot and then "Off" and boot. (removed all power between boots)

2. removed/replaced the CMOS battery

3.  Tried to boot from a CD (Ubuntu and Windows).

4. Tried to boot from USB.

5. Checked and re-seated DIMMS (all gen HP ECC).

6. iLO access (Doesnt have any sticker/toe tag for credentials). iLO version is 1.32 - so vulnerable to exploit to recover credentials - but cant get passed the Curl A(+29) command. BIOS is P78 - but showing a date of 2013. 

So, i'm not sure what else there is left to try. And i'm steruggling from a technical PoV on what to try next, or simply strip the box down for spare parts.

I would be very grateful for advice or just a sterr on what to do next. 



Re: HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 V2. Early System Initialisation.

Hi Rob,


We see that you have already cleared the NVram using the SW6 and still the server is stuck at pre system initalization. If this is the case then bring the server down to its bare minimum for example 1 CPU 1 DIMM and also test with all different dimms in minimum configuration to check if issue is with a particular dimm. If there are any PCIe cards then remove them as well. If issue still persists with minimum configuration and with all components then it looks like the systemboard could be the issue if not any other parts. Since the server is stuck in Pre-initialization screen this probably willl need troubleshooting with spare parts replacement and for this we request you to log a support case with us using the below link:-




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