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HP Proliant ML330 G3 RAID 1+0 Rebuild Problem

Dmitriy Fursov
Occasional Visitor

HP Proliant ML330 G3 RAID 1+0 Rebuild Problem


After planned reboot of the Proliant Server I noticed that one of four hard drives (Drive #2) in array is not recognized during boot process. I disconnected and reconnected the drive again and the system recognizes it now. But the array went to OFFLINE mode, with status REBUILDING for Drive #2 and Drive #4. This status is not changing for about 20 hours already, and hard drives LED on the front panel doesn't show any activity.
The array RAID 1+0 is configured the following way:
Stripe 1: Drive #1 & Drive #3
Stripe 2: Drive #2 & Drive #4

What can I do to switch the array to ONLINE mode and not to loose all the data?