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HP Proliant ML330 G3

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HP Proliant ML330 G3

HI All,
Am installing an NT4 Server on a Proliant ML 330 G3.
1.When using the smartstart CD, I can create an array (RAID 1+0). Unfortunately, when I complete and logon to my WinNT, I can't see the second HDD hence no RAID 1 implementation. 2.When booting, I see the mesage (SCSI BIOS not installed!) Will this have anything to do with the first? If so, how do I install the SCSI BIOS?
Thanks for the usual support.
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Steven Clementi
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Re: HP Proliant ML330 G3


The OS will only see 1 Disk. Since you are using Hardware RAID1, the OS only see's the logical driv you created. The OS in unaware of the hardware level RAID setting as it just knows there is space there to put files.

You should not have to worry about the SCSI BIOS.

Steven Clementi
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Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: HP Proliant ML330 G3

Hi Martyn

RAID disk is basically one logical disk and thus system sees it as one drive. This is normal.

You do not have to install SCSI BIOS. This message is normal