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HP Proliant ML330 G6 server (Smart Array P410)


HP Proliant ML330 G6 server (Smart Array P410)

I wish to change our RAID 1 two 250GB hot swap HDD to two 1TB hot swap HDD.


We take regular full backups and only have 2 HDD bays available to us (both occupied by current 250GB) hard drives.


If I simply hot swap one 250GB HDD with a 1TB HDD then presuming that the mirror which will be created only has 250GB and the rest of the 1TB will not be registered as part of an increased capacity.


So is it correct that I need to format the new 1TB HDD as RAID 1 first so that its full capacity is acknowledged and perform a cold swap of the HDD s


Any pointers to the correct sequence would be much appreciated.



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Re: HP Proliant ML330 G6 server (Smart Array P410)

Do you have a BBWC or FBWC unit in your SmartArray controller?


One way to upgrade disk capacity on SmartArrays is to swap all the disks one by one, letting the RAID rebuild after each swap. Once both disks in a RAID 1 array are swapped and the rebuild has completed, you can the use the Array Configuration Utility to extend the existing logical disk to take advantage of the new space.


However, most extension and RAID level change operations require the BBWC/FBWC to be present.


Re: HP Proliant ML330 G6 server (Smart Array P410)

Looked through the software info and cannot see any reference to BBWC or FBWC and no reference to SAAP so probably have not got the upgrade.


I could hot swap the HDD's and they will write to lowest capacity. Then could launch ACU and see if there is an option to extend the logical drives in the drop down menu's if there is presume ok and have the upgrade to do the task, if not then need to get the Smart Array Controller upgraded. I suppose lost nothing as partly completed the task until get upgrade.


If can extend the logical drive in ACU then is my final step to use Windows Server OS to take advantage of the newly exposed capacity in the logical drive.