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HP Proliant ML350 G5 Harddrive problem


HP Proliant ML350 G5 Harddrive problem


I have a ML350 G5 with an array of 4x 146GB SAS drives coonected to an E200i controller. This server is running Small Business Server 2008 like a file server and ERP software for the company.Not a big network, only 12 users.

A couple of weeks ago some users complained the speed of the network. I went to the server and find out that one of the hard drives were showing the red light, and the HP ACU confirmed that, HDD 3 was dead. But after I rebooted the server  (shutdown, power on again) it seems that the HDD came back to life, green light again. Back to the ACU and there was a message alert: (Ready for Recovery) Logical drive 1 (410.1 GB, RAID 5) is queued for rebuilding. I waited for two days but the message stayed the same. 

I rebooted the server again, and in the POST screen the message:

Select "F1" to retry Automatic Data Recovery
Select "F2" to continued without starting Automatic Data Recovery 

I pressed F1, but after OS boot the ACU still reports Ready for Recovery.

Since then the nightly server backup get stucked on Running consistency check for application Exchange. Said that I didn't have full system any backups, which frightened me. Since I have a NAS on the network I started to copy every shared folder to the NAS. 

I stopped the Exchange Information Store and tried to copy the .edb file which gave me an error. In the Event Viewer I found a HP entry saying that there was a problem with hard drive 0. I found this strange since the drive that was failing wase drive 3.

Yesterday after rebootinh the server once again I had the event's on Event Viewer:

Due to an unrecoverable read error, the recovery of logical drive 1 configured on array controller E200i [Embedded] was aborted while rebuilding a physical drive.


The physical drive which was being rebuilt is located in bay 3 of box 1 which is connected to port 1I of array controller E200i [Embedded] .



The physical drive that reported the read error is located in bay 2 of box 1 which is connected to port 1I of array controller E200i [Embedded].

The server is up and running, but the messages say's that almost every drive has problems.

I orded a new drive, but now I'm unsure which one should I change, and I don't know if I can hot swap with the Ready for Recovery message without fatal stopping the system.

I need some word of advice.

Edgar Santos

Edgar Santos