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HP Proliant ML350 G6 temperatures

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HP Proliant ML350 G6 temperatures



Recently i've started to manage the server from the subject.

After a few days of running fine, today the server was found stopped, for no apparent reason.


There's nothing in the logs. The server recently got an upgrade, from 1 CPU and 32 GB of ram to 2 CPU's and 64 GB of ram.

CPU's are Xeons E5520. The server was also fitted with system fan 3, which was removed because it woudn't power with it connected while using only one CPU.


What i've noticed is that one of the System Zone temperatures is very high.

Temp 22:    System Zone     Ok     83C     Caution: 110C; Critical:115C



The server is in a data-room, with constant temperature. Ambient zone is around 20-21C, as reported by ILo.

It has 2 PSU's, and according to ILo all system fans run at 13 or 14%.

As i said, i have found no evidence in the logs that the server shut down due to exceeding any temperature threshold, but i find the above 83C temperature too high for my likings. Is it normal with this server? I see the critical/warning temps for that sensors are pretty high.


I'll post the entire ILo temperature table here, maybe someone more experienced will find something else to ring any bells.


Temp 1:     Ambient Zone     Ok     20C     Caution: 42C; Critical:46C  
Temp 2:     CPU 1     Ok     40C     Caution: 82C; Critical:83C  
Temp 3:     CPU 2     Ok     40C     Caution: 82C; Critical:83C  

Temp 4:     Memory Zone     Ok     43C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 5:     Memory Zone     Ok     38C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 6:     Memory Zone     Ok     37C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 7:     Memory Zone     Ok     36C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 8:     Memory Zone     Ok     43C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 9:     Memory Zone     Ok     37C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 10:     Memory Zone     Ok     41C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 11:     Memory Zone     Ok     48C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 12:     I/O Board 7     Ok     47C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 13:     I/O Board 6     Ok     45C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 14:     I/O Board 5     Ok     42C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 15:     I/O Board 4     Ok     39C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 16:     I/O Board 3     Ok     37C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 17:     I/O Board 2     Ok     34C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 18:     I/O Board 1     Ok     33C     Caution: 68C; Critical:73C  

Temp 19:     CPU Zone     Ok     32C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 20:     Memory Zone     Ok     38C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 21:     Storage Zone     Ok     35C     Caution: 60C; Critical:65C  

Temp 22:     System Zone     Ok     83C     Caution: 110C; Critical:115C  

Temp 23:     System Zone     Ok     53C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C  

Temp 24:     System Zone     Ok     49C     Caution: 87C; Critical:92C