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HP Proliant ML350P G8: creating another RAID


HP Proliant ML350P G8: creating another RAID


The company I work for has an HP ProLiant ML350P G8 server, currently with a RAID 1 setup with two disks.

We wanted to increase our storage and purchased 4 new HDs (WD RE, code WD1003FBYZ, which are the same model of the 2 already present).  I've turned off the server, inserted the 4 new disks and booted into the ACU. In the top left menu there was an error: no controller found!

That seemed very strange. I then proceeded to turn off the server, remove all the new disks and booted again into the ACU.  This time the controller appeared on the list, showing the older 2 disks in raid 1:

So I've inserted one of the new disks. I noticed that the led on the caddy blinked green for a split second and then turned orange. I tried refreshing the controller detection and the disk detection but the new disks didn't appear at all. Another strange things is that some seconds after the fans went to full speed.

Could you help me sort this out please?



Re: HP Proliant ML350P G8: creating another RAID

Can anybody help me?


Re: HP Proliant ML350P G8: creating another RAID

Here is a link that may help

Also, when was the last time you ran a SPP "Support Pack for Proliant" update on the system? You may want to boot up with the SPP, and all hardware installed, and let it update the firmware on everything. 

I know you said the hard drives were the same "model" but do the drives, you have purchased, have an HP part number sticker on them? Does this part number match the other drives? Non-HP branded drives may not always work properly. 

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Re: HP Proliant ML350P G8: creating another RAID

Hi, Thanks very much for your reply.

I guess the SPP was never ran,at least not since i started working here (2016).

I am a little unsure about running it, we have all the development VMs there. Is it safe to run the firmware upgrade? What if after the upgrade the already installed HDs won't be compatible anymore?

The disk do not have HP label on them. They are WD Re disks.