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HP R/T3000 Serial Driver Missing

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HP R/T3000 Serial Driver Missing

Hi Guys


Connecting a R/T3000 G2 UPS to a ML310e G8 (Windows Standard 2012) server using the serial cable provided with the UPS. The serial device is recognised but sits in the Device Manager with a yellow explanation mark – driver not installed! I cannot find any reference to a serial driver at the HP Driver and Support site under ML310e G8 or the R/T3000... Automatic Windows driver updates cannot find a driver either....? Any ideas welcome...?





P.S. Plugged the UPS into a Windows 7 PC too, same missing driver result? Surely I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue...?

Yes, the USB cable is detected too and the driver for that installs fine. We want to use the serial cable though:)


Re: HP R/T3000 Serial Driver Missing



Please find my explanation below.


No UPS driver is required for the proper function of the UPS or the Power Manager.

Some PnP compatible OS will prompt for the driver when the UPS is attached to it or while the OS is restarted. On windows OS, if the driver not provided the UPS will be shown as unknown device under the Device Manager.

However, HP was providing the dummy INF file to register the UPS from unknown device to Battery /Power Devices section. It removed from the web recently as it is not required any more and the latest Windows OS’es includes drivers for HP and Powerware UPS’s.

So you can use the manual driver update method as shown below and/or select any of the available UPS model.

If the OS is shows "New Hardware Wizard" on every reboot, perform the following:

1. Select "Next".

2. Choose "Display a list of known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver".

3. Select "Other Devices".

4. Select "Unknown" under Manufacturers and select "Unsupported Devices" under Model.

5. Select "Finish".

Or You can ignore the yellow bang shown on the device manager


Please ensure there is no associated production impact from the UPS is observed.


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Re: HP R/T3000 Serial Driver Missing