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HP R12000/3 AF430A Advice & Help on What to get!!!

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HP R12000/3 AF430A Advice & Help on What to get!!!


I need to replace my current APC UPS System's with a new updated version.

We have been told to look at the HP R12000/3 with 4 ERM Batteries.

I have a few questions and need advice please.

My current UPS's are made up of many APC units scattered all over the server room, all are between 3 & 5 years old,

Its a very basic simple setup, a power cable plugs into a standard uk power 3 pin wall socket and then we have around piggy back cables from the UPS to the Servers.

None of the UPS's are managed, some do have the serial connections but its just never been setup.

My goal is to have 1 central BIG UPS located in LEFT corner of the server room that will power all my servers and a few swithcs. The Server Room is a typical rectangle shape with the door in the middle, it's 8ft x 24ft. The two Racks are on the Far Right and the new UPS will be on the Far Left. We have full underfloor access.

We have two Racks containg a mixture of 12 HP Servers and a few HP Switch's, these are located on the opposite side that the UPS will be located, so will will need some sort of pdu's on the wall on the opposite side of the UPS System.

I have worked out that our total Watts is 11,000, we are looking at 12,000watt UPS allowing a little future power.

I require around 30 mins of runtime, but the system MUST automatically gracefully shut all the servers down neared the end of its power. Upon power restore we'd like them to be booted back up.

Looking on the spec sheets i understand i need a HP R12000/3 with 4 ERM's (AF430A + 4X AF434A)

My question's.

Is this the correct UPS System ?

As this is 3 Phase (new to me) i need to provide a Electrican with my requirments to make this work prior to odering the kit, can you please provide me with something i can pass to a electrican so he understands my requirements - I think the Standard UP Power Socket is no good for this ? is this true ?

Does the R12000 come with FULL Network Mgnt for all my server's or do i need to purchase add-on license's?

This UPS is 12000 Watt's, what happen's if i go over this limit ?

Can i purchase addional Watt's or is that it ?

I esitmate i'll need around 50-60 Power Cables for all my kit (Tottalling around 11k watts, all the kit is located on the other side of the room in two cabinets, this distance from the NEW UP to RACK's will be around 25ft, is there something that HP do that will allow me to plug into the UPS then run to the RACK's???

If not what do i do here for running power to all kit ?

I can see there are monitored PDU's systems, i'm not intrested in these unless they are a requirment to the UPS R12000.

We are also tryign to work on budgets so

Is there a limit to how many server's can be remotly managed by the R12000/3?

Is there some sort of agent software that needs to be intalled onto all the servers ? is this a purchase license or free ?

Sorry for so many question's, please feel free to comment and help and also suggest other UPS Systems if you think.


Brian Vo
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Re: HP R12000/3 AF430A Advice & Help on What to get!!!


Yes R12000/3 is 3-phase UPS. In normal operation you should uitlize about 80% (9600VA) of the power (above that it still supports power but you will get warning or critical alarms) This is a parallel UPS means you can stack up 3 or 5 units to make 36000 or 60000VA. You will need PDUs for outlets.
Contact UK HP rep for presale support or contact he could help you.