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HP Rack and Power Manager and TZUPDATER

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HP Rack and Power Manager and TZUPDATER

Customer has a DL380 G3 running Novell 6 running the serial relay agents for Rack and Power Manager, which is installedon a windows workstation. Customer was informed (by Novell)to update all incidents of Java to resolve issues with the new DST this year.

TZUPDATER is for customer's using an older version of java.

Customer is receiving the error (invalid entry crc -32 fails to update temp rt.jar file) below when she tries to update the java.exe file within the Rack and Power Manager folder, both on the server and on the workstation.
Please see customer's email with error.
The workstation runs the HP Rack and Power Manager server software version 1.1.3 to monitor UPS R3000 XR hooked to our NetWare v60SP5 servers (has java.exe file dated 12/6/2004). Server's directory HP:\RPM\jre\bin has a java.exe dated 6/7/2004 that loads the HP Serial Relay agents NLMs on server.

There is a Sun tzupdater131.jar tool that we ran on the servers to update DST. It requires tool be run on each java.exe incident. When I run the jar131 tool on the HP:\RPM\jre\bin\java.exe I am getting errors (see below).
I also run it against the java.exe on the c:\Program Files\HP\Rack and PowerManager\jre\bin and get same errors.

Novell says to contact HP to see what HP has in place for an upgrade. Since HP bundles java with apps, is there a special upgrade process????

F:\HP\RPM\jre\bin>java.exe -jar f:/tmp/tzupdater131.jar -u -v
java.home: F:\HP\RPM\jre
java.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
java.version: 1.3.1_02 Windows 2000
Temporary file location: F:\HP\RPM\jre\lib\tz.tmp
Backing up F:\HP\RPM\jre\lib\rt.jar to F:\HP\RPM\jre\lib\rt.jar.TZbackup
Done backup of rt.jar
Verified: F:\HP\RPM\jre\lib\rt.jar.TZbackup
Extracting files... done.
Extracting files... done. invalid entry crc-32 (expected 0x0 but got 0xaa3f5b76)
Source) Source)
(TimezoneUpdater131. java:208)
( Failed to update temporary rt.jar

I've tried copying tool to same dir where the HP java.exe file is, but still get same error. I've unloaded the HP nlms, and java at server, and then ran tool, but still same error.

What seems to be the problem here? The HP java seems to be a version: 1.3.1_02. The jar 131 tool should be able to update it.
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