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Re: HP SC Lights

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HP SC Lights

Hi, apologies in advance as this is a support question...

We have a DL360e Gen8 with 4x 450gb 15K SAS drives from Hitachi. They must be 100% compatible as there are no errors anywhere regarding this. One of them shows as amber, which indicates it's failed. Replacement has shown up today, but upon replacing the drives it goes straight back to amber but this time has the green ring going around constantly. Is this 'new' drive failing too, or is it rebuilding the RAID? iLO and the SSA still shows the drive as failed, but I haven't rebooted the server yet as it's a production server.

Should I wait longer, or presume this new drive is DOA/controller has failed. The other 3 drives are working fine in the degraded RAID1+0.

Thanks in advance. :)

Jimmy Vance
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Re: HP SC Lights

When a replacement drive is inserted in the chassis, it should not show amber, just the green ring showing it is rebuilding.  You might run the array diagnostics utility to get more information on the array status

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Re: HP SC Lights

Hi, thank you kindly for your reply and assistance.

That's what I thought, looking online. What is throwing me off is that the green light is spinning (and has been doing for nearly 24 hours now), but the amber light in the middle is steady. One thing does spring to mind, and that is I'm not entirely sure if these drives are hot-plug (although being SAS drives on a P420i I would have thought they were), so it may be that I need to reboot. Bit cautious about doing so as this is a production mission-critical server and don't want it fail whilst rebooting. Joys!