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HP SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter on DL360p G8 Windows 2012R2 New Question -See bottom

Peter Jam
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HP SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter on DL360p G8 Windows 2012R2 New Question -See bottom

I have just installed a new DL360p G8 server with Windows 2012 R2 and ordered it with two Ultra SCSI 320

HP SC11Xe Host Bus Adapters hoping I could attach to my Ultra SCSI LTO4 tape drive and my HP MSA20.

Windows 2012 R2 apparently no longer supports SCSI.  WOW!

Anyway I was able to get the SCSI Host apapters installed using a driver from LSI for Windows 2008.  They installed as:  LSI Adapter, Ultra320 SCSI 2000 series, (w/1020/1030)(StorPort)

I may be attemptinhg the impossible, but if anyone knows a trick to recognize the MSA20 in Windows 2012 i would appreciate it.  Windows 2012 no longer uses ACU and what it comes with only sees my P420i SAS controller.

I cannot get Homepage to open another disaster.  Figure out homepage, needed to install SNMP, small victory.

I am able to open HP Insight diagnostics which only says PCI-E slot 1 in use and PCI-E slot 2 in use.


My only option is looking like starting over with Windows 2008 R2 if no one has any answers for me.


I thought of a couple of other options last night:

  1. Attach the Ultra SCSI 320 HP MSA 20 to another Windows 2008 Server and create a share on the network NAS.
  2. Attach the HP MSA to a Linux Server and create a shared NAS.

Open to suggestions?

Update, I downloaded ACU for DL360 G6 for windows 2012, it did not see the MSA 20 either.


Update, Still waiting to test Tape drive. (No SCSI cable yet, maybe today)  Lookig like Windows 2008 thouugh, since no one here has a better idea.

another update, after a reboot and connecting my new SCSI cable BE sees the tape drive.

So why not MSA 20 Disk array?


Well I have my answer.  I posted on Experts Exchange and was told the MSA20 needs a Smart Array Controller and will not work with an HBA.


so new question, What Smart Array Controller will work with my DL360 G8?


Or which of my Windows 2008 servers will take a Smart Array Controller 6400, so i can attach MSA20 as a share?

Update 12/3/2014  I ordered a PCI X/E Riser Card for my DL380G5 and a Smart Array 642 PCIX to setup a share on this computer.  Report back later