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HP SERVERs MAC address

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HP SERVERs MAC address


We are deploying a Digital TV system for an operator.

WE need the Mac Address of the systems to ask for the proper licenses.

¿Does anybody knows if it's possibble to check the onboard Mac Address (Proliant DL385) so we could ask for the licensas as soon as possible.


Re: HP SERVERs MAC address

ipconfig /all
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Re: HP SERVERs MAC address

I meant without plugin the machine.

SOmething like a stick with the Network information or somewhere in the motherboard.

If we have to plug it we need to connect it to the rack and it's a serious problem. Once plugged we can use ILO to check the Mac Address.

I forgot to mention this, sorry.

Thanks anyway
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Re: HP SERVERs MAC address


Connect Server up in a test area.Press F9 to enter BIOS.There you have it the Mac address.
Save then exit then power of Server.This is done at the hardware level.Do not connect the Network cable when powering up.

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Re: HP SERVERs MAC address

Hello Again,

Thanks again for the answer but as i said before i'm interesting in know if there's any way to check the Mac Address without switching on the server.

We have a lot of boxes full of equipment, and need to send the Mac Address to our suplier to activate the licenses and we want to avoid pluggin all the systems.

Thank you in advance
Marc Carney
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Re: HP SERVERs MAC address

There's no miracle way to do this but here's my thoughts for what its worth!

If you are using extar PCI NICS in addition to the one on the system board, then...occasionally with PCI network cards there will be a small sticker on them with the MAC address on it. This is a common practice. Jetdiect cards have the MAC address on a sticker too which can be useful. But, I don't think that there is a sticker on the system board with this information but you may want to take a look just in case.

Failing this, I cannot see any other way other than powering it up. Have you tried looking at the sticker on the box that the product came in. It should have the serial number of the system, you might be lucky and the MAC address may be included too. If it is on the box can you trust it ?

I think to avoid potential problems you will need to verify this first hand. Do what the previous posted suggested and although it will take you some time to do you may be glad as it may save you problems in future should the wrong MAC address be used.
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