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HP SPP 2017.7.2 or 2017.10 on Oracle Linux 6.9

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HP SPP 2017.7.2 or 2017.10 on Oracle Linux 6.9

Hello Dear Sirs,

I experience problems with applying of HP SPP on Oracle Linux 6.9 using HP SPP 2017.7.2 or most recent HP SPP 2017.10 ISO P- 01456_001_spp-2017.10.1-SPP2017101.2017_1027.10.iso

 Smart update service considers Oracle Linux 6.9 as not supported system. Please find below scouting log below:

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [userlogger.cpp:206] :: Opened log /var/log/sum/localhost/sum_log.txt

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [userlogger.cpp:206] :: Opened log /var/log/sum/localhost/sum_detail_log.txt

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [scoutnode.cpp:187] :: Scouting type of node - [localhost].

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [scoutnode.cpp:405] :: Getting list of node types to scout.

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [scoutnode.cpp:481] :: Getting node type LINUX scouting object.

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:108] :: Started Linux node type scouting for ipAddress localhost.

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:573 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:122] :: Detected local linux node.

[INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:597 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:1246] :: System model is: ProLiant DL380 Gen9 [INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:597 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:1201] :: Server generation is: 9 [INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:597 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:1270] :: Retrieving OS details for local system [INFO] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:657 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:1345] :: oraclelinux-release-6Server-9.0.3.x86_64

[ERROR] :: Dec-06-2017 06:34:39:718 pm :: [linuxnodetypescouting.cpp:1447] :: Could not match the OS to one of the expected:  oraclelinux-release-6Server-9.0.3.x86_64

Can You kindly clarify why Oracle Linux 6.9 is not applicable for most recent support packs? In 2017.04 on Oracle Linux works like a charm . Why "support" it is dissapear now?

Thank You in advance.


Re: HP SPP 2017.7.2 or 2017.10 on Oracle Linux 6.9


Service Pack for ProLiant 2017.04.0 was the last SPP to support Oracle Enterprise Linux (offline only).

SPP 2017.07.2 or SPP 2017.10.1 does not support Oracle Linux.

You may also check Oracle Linux Operating Systems - FAQ "Will there be SPP support?".

Thank You!
I am a HPE employee
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Re: HP SPP 2017.7.2 or 2017.10 on Oracle Linux 6.9

 Thank You for clarification. It this policy applies only for firmware updates or for HPE-utilities as well? I still can install hpssacli, hp-snmp-agents, hp-health, hpsmh, hpshm-templates and etc for Oracle Linux 6.9 from newer SPPs than 2017.04 or not? I mean manually installation from /packages folder is ISO.

Technically this works, but what is concerns from support side? What is recommended practice for Oracle Linux 6.9 for keep system updated? Downloading separate packages from HPE Downloads?