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HP SPP 2018 11 - HP SUM just loading

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HP SPP 2018 11 - HP SUM just loading

Dear All,

Please support me, I am trying to update HP proliant DL120 G9 server using SPP 2018.11 on W2K12 R2 server. Virtual disk attached to iLO and started launch_sum.bat file. All file copied and  CMD started


D: is a CD-ROM Drive
iLO Channel Interface (CHIF) Driver will be installed on Windows nodes, if it is
not already present. This will help ensure complete inventory and recommended u
sum_service_x64.exe started successfully on port 63001, ssl port 63002 and ftp p
ort disabled.
Launching default web browser to SUM login URL:
Recommended minimum browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 18, Chrome 24
SUM engine is now running. Use the web browser to interact with SUM. This proce
ss will exit once SUM engine is shutdown from the user interface.


IE started but HP SUM page just "loading" nothing happenes.

Tried to follwoing:

- IE Enhances Security Configuration - OFF for Admin and for users

- Add HP SUM homepage to trusted site list

- FW disabled

- Installed Mozilla firefox x64 here is same issue

- Checkd host file and set localhost line

- Enable TLS in IE

No more ide, but homepage just keep loading!

Please help!




Re: HP SPP 2018 11 - HP SUM just loading


Looks like there is some compatibility issue while deploying the SPP . 

Was there any POP-UPS on the web browser?

Did you try with latest version of IE?

You can also try the offline method.

In offline mode, the server boots to a small Linux boot environment contained on the SPP ISO image.This operating system can run the version of SUM contained on the ISO. Offline mode allows you tode ploy firmware Linux components.

  1. In offline automatic mode, SUM deploys components without your interaction.

  2. In offline interactive mode, onscreen instructions guide you to update components.


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