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HP SUM Custom Baseline Problem


HP SUM Custom Baseline Problem

I'm trying to create a custom baseline to use with the hpsum command to install the drivers I want. I simply took the default baseline, copied it and changed the name, removed all the packages in the contents section, and added back in only the ones I want to install with this baseline. (Note that the actual packages were left in the directory, however.) Then I ran the following:


hpsum /s /b bpTest1.xml


However, hpsum installed every applicable package in the directory, instead of only those listed in the xml file. I also tried adding the /f:bundle switch (with the /dryrun command as well for faster testing) and got the same result.


Next, I tried leaving all packages in the bpTest1.xml file, but changing the ones I didn't want to install="no". I had the same result there. Why does hpsum keep trying to install any applicable package instead of only those I specify?


I am using the latest version of SUM, included in the 2014.02.0 Service Pack for Windows x64.