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HP SUM Gen 10 vmware

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HP SUM Gen 10 vmware

I've just updated a bunch of gen9 servers by running HP Sum on a Windows server and inventoring the Gen 9 vmware hosts & installing the updates - easy...

Tried to do the same thing on my gen 10 servers and it tells me I need to use iLO to update.  I've searched but not found any documentation on how to do this.  I can't upload the HPSum iso to the iLo so how can I inventory and check what needs updating?  Sorry if I'm missing something really simple here.




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Re: HP SUM Gen 10 vmware

add the ILO IP address or DNS name to nodes in HP SUM


Re: HP SUM Gen 10 vmware

Yuo need to install  iSUT in the VMWARE host .

After installing iSUT, we use ILO IP address to discover the ESXi Server.

 Follow steps mentioned in page 62 under section “Installing VMware software Smart Components on Gen10

using SUM and iSUT ”




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Re: HP SUM Gen 10 vmware

That's so simple I didn't even think of just adding the ilo ip into SUM.  Did that, provided credentials, scanned & it prompted me to install iSUT.  Which I was struggling with as looking on the hpe download site only provides lings to SUT for gen 8/9 servers. 

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