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HP SUM: Login to hpsumserver failed.

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HP SUM: Login to hpsumserver failed.

Hey everyone!


I am trying to install Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 on a ML310e server. As there is there is no installation with Intelligent Provisioning available yet, I followed the instructions from the whitepaper 'Implementig Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 on HP ProLiant servers'. After setting up the Smart Array controller with 2008 R2 drivers and installing Windows Server 2012 Essentials manually from the installation media, I am now trying to apply the 'Windows Server 2012 R2 Supplement for Service Pack'.


But in the HP Smart Update Manager the discovery fails with the following error message:


Starting discovery
Error: Login to hpsumserver failed. Pleas check logs for detailed error information
Error: Not logged in, you have to login to proceed with the update

 This is all I get from the HP SUM LOG. I did not find further information in the logs. I enabled the SNMP services (is this really needed for local targets?) and entered the credentials for the local target. I even disabled the firewall and also executed the discovery tasks manually (hpsum_hwdiscovery, hpsum_swdiscovery, and hpsum_srvdiscovery). Does anyone know what causes this issue?


And here is what I really can't explain... After 3 - 5 failed discoveries, the discovery completes successfully.


But retrying this time-consuming task over and over again is really annoying and I can't figure out the reason for it. So any help is much appreciated! Thanks!




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Re: HP SUM: Login to hpsumserver failed.

I encountered that this error does not emerge if the hpsum utility is executed right after the Windows Server installation and before using the initial Windows Server Essentials configuration wizard. Maybe I read over the right execution time for this utility...


This means I can circumvent this issue, but I still do not understand the reason for the error. So if someone knows more about the reasons for this problem, I'd love to hear those. Thanks!

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Re: HP SUM: Login to hpsumserver failed.

We had this same error message but on a Linux server (RHEL6.2).


For the benefit of anyone comes across this post while searching the same error, the problem in our case was that the server (hpsum was being run locally and silently on a client server) had too many IP addresses bound and for some reason that was causing issues with SOAP server login. Once we turned off all the dummy adapters temporarily the process worked fine.


Took me quite a while to troubleshoot hence posting here in case it saves anyone time.