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HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91

Andreas Gross
Occasional Contributor

HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91


Our customer operates approx. 800 HP servers (DL360 G5, DL585 G2). On approx. 50 Servers PSP 7.91 installation fails - HP SUM discovery failed.

All servers are installed automatically with PXE.

Setting language to english doesnt resolve the problem.

OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 german


ManagerInit.cpp: TRACE session beginning 12\06\2007, 10:37:06 am
Application Version: 3.0.2 (Windows), Build: 13, 2007-09-10, 09:33
ManagerInit.cpp[195]: Language Suffix is de
ManagerInit.cpp[259]: QT Language File is qt_de
ManagerInit.cpp[267]: WARNING: Couldn't find qt_de
ManagerInit.cpp[272]: hpsum Language File is Strings_de
ManagerInit.cpp[280]: WARNING: Couldn't find Strings_de
ManagerInventory.cpp[36]: Starting Inventory
ManagerInventory.cpp[165]: Reading Inventory Results
ManagerInventory.cpp[206]: Reading Inventory Results 2
GUITargetGroup.cpp[34]: Displaying Select Target and Source Page
ManagerTargetGroup.cpp[88]: The target "localhost" is local host target
ManagerTargetGroup.cpp[132]: HPSUM local install started
Target.cpp[517]: Target 0: Starting Discovery
Target.cpp[570]: Target 0: Got Discovery Socket Ready
Target.cpp[648]: Target 0: Received Discovery Command: i ready 0

Target.cpp[583]: Target 0: Starting Core Discovery
Target.cpp[813]: Target 0: Discovery Process Finished
Target.cpp[829]: Target 0: Discovery Manager terminated unilaterally - status = -1073741819
ManagerSelections.cpp[27]: Setting up Selections
ManagerSelections.cpp[46]: Getting Selections
GUISelections.cpp[92]: Populating Table
../DesignerFiles/SelectionsPage.ui.h[248]: Setting Reboot options
GUISelections.cpp[115]: Raising Selections Page
main.cpp[159]: Windows firewall is off
TRACE session ending


Andreas Gross

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91

Have you set the regional setting(time zone,not only langiage) to english (not german)? This is a known issue with HP SUM

Are the target files on the local machine or on a share? If on share that is a possible reason for failure too

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91

Hello Andreas,
Michael Garner's Reply Clearly states that OS Editions - NON-ENGLISH has issues as of now.

Im not sure if this has been rectified yet !

:) Regards.
Andreas Gross
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91


I read that thread. All settings are set to English. The log is from the attempt with the german settings.

Our customer has 800 Servers, but only on 50 servers PSP 7.91 fails.

I will test the old RDU.


Andreas Gross
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SUM discovery failed - PSP 7.91


I've seen this issue like 3 times and no real solution yet maybe yo already read this thread

but as you read can be software, hw or firmware

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!