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HP-SUM updates NIC firmware immedialety

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HP-SUM updates NIC firmware immedialety

Hello everyone,

i downloaded the new SPP 2020.09 as zip file, transfered it to my mashine (ProLiant DL560 G10) and executed the following command:

./smartupdate --s --target localhost --romonly

The firmware was installed successfully but after a while the system was no longer responding via network. I have to login on ILO and connect via VSP the the mashine so i can execute 'systemctl restart network' to let the mashine become accessable over LAN again. After that i noticed that the firmware version of the nics was newer than before:

before update:

root@<mashine> /tmp/ # ethtool -i em1driver: i40e
version: 2.1.14-k
firmware-version: 10.4.3
bus-info: 0000:37:00.0

after update:

root@<mashine> /tmp/ # ethtool -i em1
driver: i40e
version: 2.1.14-k
firmware-version: 10.53.7
bus-info: 0000:37:00.0

What happend here? Why does the firmware of the nics update within the script progress? This is very bad for updating our machines because the firmware should only update at the next (scheduled) reboot. That was the former behaviour with HP SUM version 8.5.0.

Kind regards

Matthias Moke


Re: HP-SUM updates NIC firmware immedialety

Hello Matthias,

It should be scripting issue or could be SUM version. we will check in the Lab server why the issue appers.

please check with other host as well if same symptoms.



Naresh Sharma

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