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HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) install on DL360 G7

Tom Wolf_3
Valued Contributor

HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) install on DL360 G7

Hello all.

We have two vendor configured ProLiant DL360 G7 servers running RHEL 4.8.

We are trying to install the latest SPP on these host by locally running the hpsum GUI to check the inventory and then deploy the appropriate updates.

Unfortunately, because of the how these servers were built, vendor requirements, there is no way to start the hpsum GUI (no gnome desktop, KDE,...).

Is anyone aware of an hpsum TUI (text user interface) that functions the same as the GUI?

I didn't see a reference to any TUI in the hpsum user guide only the CLI.

With the CLI, it looks like you have to manually specify which packages you want to install.

We aren't certain what's all needed on this server and would prefer to have the utility determine that.

Also, given the OS running on these servers, RHEL 4.8, we aren't certain the latest SPP is appropriate for it.

We don't see RHEL 4 explicitly listed in the SPP documentation.

Would we have to use an older version of SPP or Proliant Support Pack (PSP)?


If someone could please reply to the OS version and hpsum TUI questions asked here, it would really be appreciated.


Thanks all.