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HP Smart Array P222 - Can't find harddrives

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HP Smart Array P222 - Can't find harddrives



hopefully somebody can help me with my problem.

My configuration looks like follows:


ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

HP Smart Array P222

Raid 5 including 3x harddrives


I wanted to upgrade the CPU and therefore I diconnected everything, changed cpu and assembled it again.

Maybe disconnecting the external battery from the Smart array was the mistake.


After starting iLO I didn't see the logical configuration in storage.


The logs are showing the following error:

POST Error: 1785-Slot X Drive Array Not Configured


So the question is, how can i fix that?


Thanks in advance for any help :)




Jimmy Vance

Re: HP Smart Array P222 - Can't find harddrives

The RAID configuration is stored on each hard drive, no confguration information is stored in the controller. My first thought would be to make sure the cable from the drive backplane is fully seated in the controller

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Re: HP Smart Array P222 - Can't find harddrives

I think that if you look carefully during post, or, starts system with hpsmartstart you can reconfigure, or better, make proliant redetect your array and make it functional


I did it about ten minutes with fedora installed on it. Try to connect the drivers without one of them, and then reconnect this one


be carefull, don't accepts any help of system during post. When the error appears, shut it off, replug HD and restarts. proliant will see that the array is reconnected and will ask you to reconfigure it (I mind)