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HP Smart Array P400 controller

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HP Smart Array P400 controller

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is HP Smart Array P400 controller an hot swap controller?
How can I change my broken hard disk and re-align my RAID?

Thank you.



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Re: HP Smart Array P400 controller

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It would be helpful to know the server model.

However, if "hot swap controller" means you can hot swap disks: yes, you can do.

In case of RAID 1 and 5 the controller will automatically rebuild, a RAID 0 is lost.

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Smart Array P400 controller

Thank you.

The server model is HP Pro-Liant ML370G5.

Raid 1 is configured.

So I have just to remove broken hard disk and insert the new one when the server is on and everything in the existing hard disk will be copied on the new one. Is it correct?

Thanks again


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Re: HP Smart Array P400 controller

The ML370 G5 have a Hot-Plug Drive Carrier.

With the P400 Controller you can replace the Failed Disk Online.


Usally the Hot-Plug Drive Carrier have a Red Release Button.


You see the Reconstructing Process by the Blinking Green Drive LED.

It is going solid if Reconstuct is finished.