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HP Smart Array P420 Controller - Error 1797 (FBWC Cache disabled)

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HP Smart Array P420 Controller - Error 1797 (FBWC Cache disabled)

Hello community,

first of all, the hardware:

HP ML310e Gen8 v2

HP Smart Array P420 with 2GB FBWC with 2 Raid5 Volumes (Each 4 HDDs)


I had a RAID Failure (2 Hard Drives Crashed in a Raid5 Configuration). After that I tried to get the Volume back up, since only 1 Drive failed and the controller kicked out another one due to bad SMART stats - as far as I can tell now, a very verybad decision...

Long story short: I powered the server couple of times off and back on again till it booted with the 2nd raid5 volume up. While I did this, it seems the controller was thinking, that something is wrong with the cache, because it had no time to backup/restore the files.

For now there is only 4 Hard Drives in one Raid5 Volume - The one which is still ok. the other one is gone.


Since then I get while booting the following error on the p420:

POST Error: 1797-Slot X Drive Array - Cache Data Backup or Restore Previously Failed or Cache Read Error Occurred and data in Cache has been lost.

I still could change configuration in the Storage Administrator - Now after the Update today on Firmware 8.00 on the P420 it's not more possible.


I tested the 2GB Cache Module with the Battery at work on another p420 in a LAB Server - It worked there fine for a week with 2-3 Reboots..


Now back home it still doesnt work. Is there a way to reset the p420 Controller to factory status, so it doesnt recognize that the cache module "failed" once on it? Pricing is at the moment 150€ for a "new" (renewed at max, more like used in a server for years already) 2GB cache module with battery, which I dont want to spend on an old server, which I am going to replace january anyway.


Any ideas and/or tips? I tested to put the controller into a different slot (Slot3 standard, also put it into the slot2 and pci-e16x), changed firmware, which made it worse (HP Smart Array Storage doesnt let me to change/reset config now, not like on 7.02 before, also firefox loses connection all the time I try to make something there on the p420, which results that I need to reset the server)

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Re: HP Smart Array P420 Controller - Error 1797 (FBWC Cache disabled)

I think I was in this subforum wrong - I posted this also in a new thread on the storage subforum: /t5/ProLiant-Storage-Systems/How-to-Reset-HP-Smart-Array-P420-Controller-Error-1797-FBWC/m-p/6913491


so this can be deleted now I thnk :)

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP Smart Array P420 Controller - Error 1797 (FBWC Cache disabled)

>I think I was in this subforum wrong


This place is the right one, you can delete the other.