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HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

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HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

Hi !

I need to setting the hp smart array P420i controller into HBA Mode (pass-through). I saw the information on the Compatibility list below

VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search

It seens have a firmware version 6.88-0 (6.88?) what does 0 mean?

I searching the whole HPE download center and did not found it. And I also google any words like p420i and 6.88 but still not found any. It is a version call 6.88 but not for the p420i controller. there is a version called 6.68 is for this controller but not mark support pass-through.


it is a mistaken version number?

if there is not can someone tell me how can i download this firmware version  or  provide this version ?

many thanks, i had been look for this version for few days and nights.

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Re: HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!



look at revision history choose your version and press the link

there is no 6.88 only 6.68


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Re: HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

I want to use hba mode on P420i ,which firmware version is supported  and  stable?
now i am using the latest 8.32 but not stable.

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Re: HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

You might look at this thread


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Re: HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

HI I confirm that HPE may have the version 6.88 for this device


Hello Johnson,

I am currently staring at the certification PR(2391146) for this controller with driver nhpsa 2.0.44-1 and firmware 6.88 (yes the same '6.88' I linked to above - there is only one) - this is the certification testing we went through ourselves following HPE doing their side of the testing and validation and asking us to proceed to do our side and list this driver/firmware combination once we are happy with it.

We did not materialise the firmware used for this testing out of the ether, these were provided by HPE - that HPE does not have good links to this firmware stating 'use it with controller X' is not a problem on VMwares side so please do the due diligence and go ask HPE if you think I am incorrect.



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Re: HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Help!

I know the newest firmware can support hba mode by using spp or cli console to enable it. but the device is not stable when using it in vmware vsan. the best version and tested by vmware is 6.88 and it support the newest version of esxi. up to 6.7.
And i could not found this version in the HPE download center. first I thought that may be a mistaken by vmware ,but now it seens hpe not public this version for reasons.