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HP Smart Array p410 change RAID 0 to RAID 1

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HP Smart Array p410 change RAID 0 to RAID 1



We have in our company server Hp Proliant DL 180G^ with HP Smart Array p210. Also we have 2 disks SAS 140GB in RAID 0 and 2 disks SATA 1TB in RAID 0. Last time we have problems with SATA disks (one disk was broken) and we lost data on RAID 0. Now we have RAID 0 only on SAS, and not much data on SATA. 

My question this possible to migrate SATA 0 to SATA 1 on my SAS disks without lost data?? I know it is possible if we connect one more SAS disk (then we have 3). Then i can do this in HP Utilities (bootable) and expand to RAID 1.

But is it possible only with to disks with RAID 0 so far?? Without data lost??


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Re: HP Smart Array p410 change RAID 0 to RAID 1

The migration is possible, but I doubt you can migrate a 2 disk raid 0 to a 3 disk raid 1 - you likely need 2 new disks.

Hope this helps!

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