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HP SmartArray P420 Ready for Rebuild

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HP SmartArray P420 Ready for Rebuild


I have P420 with 6x WD Red 4Tb in RAID-5. Something happens with it (I can't imagine what's may be wrong - there wan no any failures like as power failure, etc...). Now the logical drive have the status :

Status: Ready for Rebuild
Parity Initialization Status: Initialization Completed

All of physical drives iis in OK state (via hpssacli command). 

After cold reboot server can access to all files on LUN. But status not changed.

I read this forum and found that it may be Unrecoverable Read Error (URE) ssituation. But how to know which HDD failed (or failing) if all of HDD is in OK state?





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Re: HP SmartArray P420 Ready for Rebuild

Here is diagnostic data.

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Re: HP SmartArray P420 Ready for Rebuild

here is the important data out of the report

The disk experienced hardware failure.

Did you replaced it or rebuild the array with it with F1 ?


[ Top ] → [ Smart Array P420 in slot 2 ] → [ Physical Drive (4 TB SATA HDD) 1I:8 ] → Physical Drive Status

SCSI Bus 0 (0x00)

SCSIID 7 (0x07)

Total Blocks 2.1 TB (0xffffffff)

Drive Model ATA WDC WD40EFRX-68W

Drive Serial Number WD-WCC4E0282614

Drive Firmware Revision 80.00A80 SCSI

Inquiry Bits 0x02 Compaq Drive Stamped Stamped For Monitoring (0x01)

Last Failure Reason Hardware Error (0x0d)