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HP SmartArray P420 "Ready for Rebuild" problem

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HP SmartArray P420 "Ready for Rebuild" problem

Hi everyone.
As i have already searched the "big bad internet", and found that this error is verry bad in deed.
But my issue is a bit diffrent, that i actualy only have one failed drive.

I will try to keep things short:
My controller had a Fatal Error, 851, Controller lockup error: Restart the server and run a diagnostic report.
Install the latest version of the controller firmware. If the condition persists, the controller may need to be replaced or require service.
I got this error 2 times within one hour. Nothing happend after.
As the controller is only a month old, i contached HP support.

They got the ADU report, and agreed to send me a new controller.
So far so good.
The new controller arrived today, i changed it and ended up with a failed drive, "Port 2 Bay4".
Thinking, that the drive is defective, i drove down to our reseller, and got a new drive (The old one was out of warranty). Back home and put it in, but i STILL got a error.

Then i changed cables, power connectors, everything connecting the controller with the drives. Same error. Also i changed between port 1 and 2 on the controller.

Thinking that i only changed the controller to start with, i put in the partialy faulty one.
Now, everything wac back to before, except that tha raid now isent synkronized any more.

Queue the "Ready for Rebuild" message. And this is where i'm stuck now.
Looking at the new, and old ADU reports, i see one read error on Port 2 Bay 3 (Not 4 as before).

So what i have is a RAID that i can read, running degraded on 3 drives. One with a error, and a other that is unsync.

Is there any ninja tricks that might be able to help me?
I'm currently making a SPP bootable media, and i will try accessing the drive from here.

Any ideas at all, are verry welcome!

Thanks in advance.