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HP Sum Remote Update through ESXi

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HP Sum Remote Update through ESXi

I am trying to use the Smart Update Manager to remotly update firmware on a dl360 Gen9 on reading the documentation this should be possible using the cli interface so after getting many errors I saught assistance from HPE Support who simply advised to insert the iso to the ilo of the machine and run it from there.

My end goal is to intergrate this as part of a powershell script (of which i have the code to call the smartupdate) but the remote update fails even using the verbose logging it does not give much information.

This is the string that is passed from powershell.

smartupdate /v /s /target **esxi host ip here** /user root /password ***Password Removed*** /vcenter_host *Vcentre IP Here* /vcenter_username **vcentre user** /vcenter_password ***Password Removed***  /use_location E:\

I am using Smart Update Manager 8.4.0."43".33406M.x64

Running this from CMD comes back with Inventory failed for Node - Reason: Inventory Error

Raw Execution Log

START|'SUM 8.4.0."43".33406M.x64'|07-30-2019 05:26:19 pm'
07302019-172619|07302019-172619|0|'IP:'|0|0|Server: nclconclrds01<br>Current Directory: S:/sum/packages.
07302019-172623|07302019-172623|0|'RP:l2'|2|2|Repository E:/packages: Add failed. *** This comes back as a failure but I can see in the manifest it has done the inventory on the spp packages directory ***
07302019-172655|07302019-172655|0|'IP:'|0|2|Remote Host *IP Removed*: Host type is VMWARE.
07302019-172707|07302019-172707|0|'IP:'|0|1|Host*IP Removed*:: Core discovery started.
07302019-172759|07302019-172759|0|'IP:'|2|1|Host*IP Removed*:: Core discovery failed.
07302019-172759|07302019-172759|0|'IP:'|2|0|Host*IP Removed*:: Discovery failed. Cannot continue with this host.
07302019-172802|07302019-172802|0|'IP:'|0|0|Exit code : 3, Exit Message : The node is up-to-date. No update is required.
END|'07-30-2019 05:28:03 pm'

The fustrating thing is the end of this log says all good nothing to do where I know there are firmware packages that need to be ran from this spp on the destination host.

Has anyone had this working?

I am currently targeting an ESXi 6.0 Update 3 host.

KInd Regards

Martin Brown


Re: HP Sum Remote Update through ESXi

Greetings Martin,

Issue reported: HP SUM displays an inventory error on a VMware node.

Possible Cause: Other processes, such as a backup or process that accesses the registry might be running on the remote
Windows node. 


1. Shut down the remote process that is accessing the registry, or run SUM locally on the node to perform
inventory and deploy updates. 

2. Else try to use a windows machine & run the HP SUM remotely on the esxi host.



I am an HPE Employee

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