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HP System Tools

Occasional Contributor

HP System Tools

I need to check a large list of servers for the HP System Tools.


Specifically, I need to know whether the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility is installed.


How can I tell quickly thru a script if it is installed?


I am looking on g6, g7 and g8 running WS2003, 2008 and 2012.

Jimmy Vance

Re: HP System Tools

Might it be easier to use cpqlocfg so you can remotely send XML to all your iLO's instead of running an hponcfg at each host?

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Re: HP System Tools

You can use WMI class win32_product to list the installed applikations from windows  programs and feature list.


Here is an example of a one line powershell command that will show if the online cunfiguration utility is installed and what version. If it's not the command will not show any output.


Get-WmiObject win32_product | select-object Name,Version | where-object {$_.Name -match "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility"}