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HP USB Utility 1.8

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HP USB Utility 1.8



with the actually SPP it is not possible to at the Service Pack for ProLiant and the HP Intelligent Provisioning recovery media 1.60 to add on 1 USB Stick.

Does anybody know if the USB Utility 1.8 in Progress or how can I add both iso's on the Stick???


Thank's for help ;-)

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Re: HP USB Utility 1.8

Version 1.8 can be found in the release 1409 of SPP, I'm not sure if there's any changes and 1.7 is currently listed as the latest in "history" (see below)  from the web site


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Re: HP USB Utility 1.8

This is in the readme file that comes with version 1.8


Boot environment change

Beginning with HP SUM 6.2.0, HP SPP 2014.02.0, and Intelligent Provisioning 1.60 the HP USB Key Utility no longer supports multi-boot setups on a single device. HP SUM and SPP ISOs contain signed parts to work with the UEFI bootloader. This change no longer allows for multi-boot setups on a single device, such as a USB key.

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Re: HP USB Utility 1.8

The reason probably is that Gen9 servers in UEFI secure mode won't accept any USB device if there are multiple images on it. To prevent problems, you just can't create such devices ...

Since the DL580Gen8 was the first UEFI able server, this started with Gen8.


Sure, you can do this manually ...

Hope this helps!

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