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HP VCRM Cleanup

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HP VCRM Cleanup

Hello Everyone,


Today I decided to remove any Service Pack for Proliants (SPPs) that were no longer needed.  I had three total SPPs (all of which were from 2012).  When I chose the option to delete two of the SPPs I did not choose the option at the top to remove the components contained within the SPPs.  I am assuming that VCRM will no longer "inventory" these files when it rescans the repository or rebuilds the catalog, but have I left orphaned files on the server?


I also have Proliant Support Packs which I would like to get rid of but do not know the best way to accomplish this.  After a reboot the server usually takes 4 or 5 hours before the VCRM is ready to be used.  I assume that this is due to the rescanning of the repository that takes place whenever the server is rebooted, or the VCRM service is restarted.