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HP Win2003 Storage Server Low Disk Space alerts

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HP Win2003 Storage Server Low Disk Space alerts

I enjoy the fact that I can receive alert emails from my DL185 G5 HP Storage Server2003 telling me when a drive is low on Disk space, :smileyhappy: however there are times when I don't want to be annoyed by these alerts. :manmad:


Case in point: I have allocated an entire logical drive (F: ) to store shadow copies for another logical partition. I have told the Shadow Copy Service to use all available space on the logical drive (as recommended by MS) Now I constantly get alerts that I am running low on disk space "There is less than 15 % of disk space remaining on F:" (of course, since the shadow copies are trying to use the entire drive as instructed)


I can find nowhere in the HP storage server settings to turn off the alert email for low disk space, or per volume (which is my preferred method, since I still want alerts on my other data volumes) :mansurprised:


Now, please dont tell me to simply reduce the amount of storage space used by the Shadow copy service. It is ridiculous to me that I should have to give up that amount of space. Storage Server must have a way to prevent this alert (I'm assuming a registry hack since there is no setting in the HP Unified storage manager... and none in the MMC either)


Can anyone help with this? Thanks for your time.

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Re: HP Win2003 Storage Server Low Disk Space alerts

You may extend the partition that has no free space. see the page

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Re: HP Win2003 Storage Server Low Disk Space alerts

In server Manager / Systeme and Network Settings, you can configure email alert settings.