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HP batteries for cache

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Anna Cheng

HP batteries for cache

Looking at the doc
on page 19, HP recommends that battery-backed cache replacement every three years.
besides opening the server, is there any way for me to check whether the cache has been used up?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP batteries for cache

Hello Anna, there is no reliable way to tell if the batteries are likely to fail in a short time if the server power fails, hence the 3 year limit. Many users seem to wait untill they get a failure to charge message but by then the cache is offline and performance suffers. I assume you are using the write back option so cache battery is needed. Best to put in new ones if you suspect they are about three years old, then stick a note to the server with the date on for next time, it's an easy 3 minute job and the batteries are quite cheap. Worth it for the peace of mind.
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