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HP iLO 1.8 to 1.91Firmware Upgrade Issue

Kerwin Pitchford
Occasional Visitor

HP iLO 1.8 to 1.91Firmware Upgrade Issue

I have 2 HP DL580 G2 servers that return a checksum error --> [checksums do not match in file C14B2041.EA4 ]while attempting to upgrade the iLO firmware from v1.80 to v1.91. I have attempted the Offline and the Online version updates. The Online version returns the message [will not install upgrade. Either the hardware is not present or upgrade does not apply to this server].

The download file is SP35629.EXE, The installation instructions includes the DL580 G2 in the list of servers eligible for the upgrade.

I have:

1. tried the Online and Offline upgrade
2. Reset NVRAM configuration information
3. Enabled the iLO security override

I at at a loss. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you