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HP iLO3 on HP DL380 G7

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HP iLO3 on HP DL380 G7


What is the functional difference between non-licensed and licensed iLO3 on HP DL380 G7?


Can I shutdown the HP DL380 G7 without buying iLO3 advance license?

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Re: HP iLO3 on HP DL380 G7

Without the iLO Advanced license, the main things you will miss are:

- Directory server authentication (example: allow a certain AD user group to login to iLO using their personal AD usernames & passwords)

- power usage reporting & power capping

- console record/replay functions (latest boot, failure situations..)

- virtual media/virtual folders functions (example: the ability to remotely boot the system from a firmware update CD image that is located on your personal workstation)


Please see:

(scroll down to find the feature tables for non-Advanced iLO versions)


Power switch can always be manipulated through iLO, even without the license. So you can shut down the server even if the OS is completely hung. Or remotely start the server, as long as the hardware is receiving power.


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Re: HP iLO3 on HP DL380 G7



You can also order a HP iLO Advanced trial license to check the difference.







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Jimmy Vance

Re: HP iLO3 on HP DL380 G7

You can control power without the advanced license.


Listing of iLO models and features comparison

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